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Online Piano Lessons

Learn to play piano at home with KentPiano online lessons course tailor made to suit your individual approach. One easy monthly payment covers all the materials and feedback you require to excel at piano. WhatsApp video piano lessons weekly, email audio, techniques videos and commentary on your progress. All levels from beginner to grade 8+

One 9 year old pupil has successfully taken and passed ABRSM piano grades 2 & 3 with weekly online piano lessons.

My online piano course is individually constructed to mirror your unique learning skills. Play by ear, read from sheet music, improvise, harmonise, compose, take exams. Endless music library to study. Impress your family and friends. Play for fun or perform in public.

The course is structured over one year so you learn at your own pace at home at a time of day that best suits you. The monthly payment covers all material you need to progress for one month - cover the material and take the video call lessons to suit.

Cost per pupil per month is £100 or two pupils in same household £150 if using same level materials - separate video call lessons included.

Other formats may be available according to your skills and timetabling.

The concept is a progressive result of moving from beginner to intermediate or intermediate to advanced over twelve months. No reduction for holidays but prolonged illness will be refunded pro rata.

Cost includes techniques videos unlimited, audio tips unlimited, weekly lesson feedback via email to 4x per month, 2-4 WhatsApp video call lessons per month as useful. Let me know if exams are of interest to you. We can study songs you know and love along with a broad spectrum of piano styles.

Note that I unfold the course over twelve months to take you up one major level of playing skill - equivalent to two ABRSM grades per year dependent on your individual ability and input. You may cancel at any time, no need to take a full twelve months but a month's notice is fully appreciated, thanks!

Anyone can learn piano, I suggest ages 5 - 105

Structure your weekly practice over 4-7 days ideally two short practice sessions of 10-40 minutes daily when you are most alert yet relaxed.

OK, let's get started! Email me at and let me know your level and your dream and I will make that dream reality.

Over 30 years of teaching privately with 100s of great exam results including 100%

My 85 year old student Eileen has just passed ABRSM Music Theory grade 5 with MERIT. You require Theory grade 5 to enter piano grades 6 and above. You can study grade 5 Music Theory online with me whether or not you continue with Online Piano Lessons later

Saxophone online lessons also available, email me today!

Subscribe with confidence, delighted references available on request.

Learn to play piano beautifully in a relaxed manner.

Louise Woodcock, pianist & composer

GB wide online piano lesson courses - subscribe with full confidence

Contact me below for a fast response or email me direct

Or text me on 07989 370 624

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