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Virtual Lessons UK Learn Piano Video calls or Email GB wide Music Tuition

Posted on April 4, 2021 at 3:55 PM

Are you currently unable to enjoy Piano Lessons in person? Try Virtual Lessons UK wide!

Although many students initially baulk at the thought of virtual piano tuition, everyone who has taken a virtual piano lessons course with me has really enjoyed the material & found this to be a valid method of learning - most students have exceeded their usual pace and achieved far more in a short time than they expected.

Virtual Piano Teacher gives lessons via video calls or email

I have piano students aged six to adult who regularly enjoy a weekly video call piano lesson - I can offer these across GB, whether a short course before returning to your visit lessons, a booster course prior to a piano exam, or a new method approach for your study.

Choose from weekly or fortnightly video calls where we place your smartphone at the end of the piano keyboard and play out the lesson exactly as in a visit lesson, or you may prefer to send me videos or audio clips weekly, fortnightly or even monthly, or a one-off as an assessment prior to your piano examination anywhere in UK.

I return you email lesson notes with tips on how to improve your piano playing, along with video tips and I can post you sheet music as you require! We can also work from the books you have. All levels and grades covered from prep test pre grade 1 to grade 8. Very enjoyable!

Adult Piano Starter - How To Play Piano Virtual Course

I can send you sheet music with individual video tips + lesson notes to take you from day one to any grade level you wish!

Simply send me your contact details and level via the contact box on my home page  www.kentpianoteacher.co.uk

I will get back to you promptly with details of lesson structure & payment. You will learn fast & can contact me about any details as you wish! Really the next best solution to visit piano tuition! Many delighted students so far! Contact me today!

Louise Woodcock teaches Piano, Keyboards, Trumpet, Sax & Clarinet in mid Kent & UK wide via virtual music lessons - contact me today for further details to get started! Exam work or just play for FUN! :) Music Theory course to grade 5 exam also available.

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